Technological Revolt

I’m having nine kinds of problems with my phone and it’s got me feeling sour towards technology at the moment.  Mark has a Samsung that I’m hoping I can switch over to, but in the meantime…the PlayStation is broke, the phone is acting up, and every time I touch the computer cord with my foot it shuts off in the middle of the sentence I’m typing.  This is my day.

Perhaps I’m longing for a simpler time.  Today on Facebook my aunt posted a meme about a phone booth and it got me thinking.  Once I was walking to the store with E and she saw a payphone in the corner of the store parking lot.  She proceeded to ask what it was and why it existed, and I had to explain that there used to be actual booths people made phone calls in, because no one had cell phones.  This was the first time she had considered that there was a time where people did not walk around with a telephone in their pocket.

This made me remember another moment with K, when we were at a friend’s house and she had to use the bathroom.  I asked if she washed her hands, and she said no because there wasn’t any soap.  I go into the bathroom with her and see a bar of Ivory on the sink.

“It’s right there.”



“What am I supposed to do with it?!”

I showed her how to lather her hands with it, and she was delighted by how slippery it was.  It occurred to me that the only hand soap she was familiar with was the kind you squirt out of a bottle, and it amazed me that she was completely unfamiliar with a bar of soap, something so basic from my childhood.

Everything has gotten so complicated these days.  I mean…SOAP, even.  I’m aware that I sound like an old fart right now but I guess I just feel like the world is spinning a little faster at the moment.  We get so caught up in things like technology that we lose that one on one connection, and I guess right now I need to concentrate on that because I’m feeling a little squirrely.  I think about my friend Sahar.  She lives in Kentucky at the moment (I say at the moment because I constantly hold out hope her husband will get a job back here and move them out of that red state at any given opportunity,) and she also just had her second beautiful baby.  Photos and Facebook and text messages and phone calls are wonderful things but what I would not give to just see her face!

I like technology because of the way it connects us, because it does.  I have like 350 Facebook friends and I have met each one of them, and that keeps me accessible to anyone who might need me.  I have Twitter followers that I have never met, and that makes me feel connected to the world at large.  I have Call of Duty buddies that I would never have known had I not played the game.  I can use technology to keep in touch with the people I love, and that is the part of it that makes the most sense.  Though sometimes I feel like I need a detox, like today.  I can ignore the broken PlayStation and I can be careful where I put my feet near the computer cord and I can deal with the sketchy phone a little longer, but I can’t go a day without a hug from my husband, a call from my mother, or a text from a friend.  Which shows me that while technology is fun, it’s not everything.  Living is everything.


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