Oh. I’m supposed to title this?

Well I was in the hospital again, which was good as far as hospital stays go, actually.  I spent my time staring at the ceiling and thinking of things to write about, but now here I sit at the computer and…nope.  I was going to write about my struggles with gastroparesis.  Seemed the obvious answer.  Have a great Headline and a good opening paragraph and was ready to jump in once I sat down.  Then I sat, realized I’ve been discussing gut health for several days now, and decided to move on.

To fury, rage, and anger: three old friends from last week who were amplified on Saturday, and nearly every moment since then because I cannot believe that we live in a world where people can still be so blind to the plight of half the population and you know what?? No.  No, no.  I can’t do it, not today.  Gotta keep that blood pressure in check.  Just know that I am OUTRAGED.  (Aren’t you?  If not, stop reading and go elsewhere, this blog isn’t for you.)

So, then I was thinking about World Mental Health Day, which is today, October 10th.  And I could write you a book, my friend.  I could go on for days about mental health.  It’s just that my mental health at the moment is tired.  It’s been through the wringer the past few days, and could use a little rest.  So, it’s gonna veg out and watch Cheers on the couch, because that’s what I need to do to recover.  Of course, my stupid self has to go update her blog the moment she gets home.  But now I’m going to go relax, because the doctor and my momma said to, and maybe I’ll write up a little something later.

Or just scream into a pillow for a few hours.  We’ll see how the day goes.

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