Flea Marketing

I am a big fan of old junk.  I love flea markets and thrift stores and estate sales.  Any place selling the discarded or forgotten, that’s for me.  I often attend these places with either my bestie Jaime or my sister Bernie, both of whom seem to share my love for all things old.  Recently Bern and I went to the East Aurora Flea Market.  I find this place to be great for produce in the summer (it’s mostly outdoors, so hours are seasonal) and also incense.  There’s a woman with a tiny shop that only sells incense, and I swear she is my sister sent back from the future.   There’s two things I don’t care for at this market, though, and that is the large clown statue near the bathrooms and the occasional Scientologist trying to convert me.

Another place I enjoy going in the summer is Antique World in Clarence.  They are open year-round, but the outside stalls are seasonal.  They mostly contain your average flea market fare, but the indoor area has thousands of antique and vintage items.  I can spend a whole day there just looking at stuff.

Probably my favorite place I’ve been is Gordie Harper’s Bazaar in Newfane.  I highly recommend this place for an afternoon of strolling through stalls.  They also have a great candy selection, and a restaurant!  I haven’t eaten there yet but I have heard great things.  Jaime and I plan on making a pilgrimage before Christmas, as I saw numerous gift ideas for family and friends.

This weekend the two of us were going to go to the legendary Pumpkinville in Great Valley but ended up cancelling due to a weather report that imagined us buying pumpkins in the snow.  Instead, we traveled to The Old Chapel Artisan Market in Tonawanda.  Every inch of the church was used for display, right down to the closets.  There were flea market items mixed with craft items mixed with antiques.  It was a nice place, and I bought a soy candle.

I like to look for interesting finds at flea markets.  Most recently I acquired a chip dish made out of an old Andy Williams record of “Moon River.”  This is a good illustration of the kind of things I’m looking for.  I also love to buy fresh produce when it’s available, as well as teas and spices.  Sometimes there’s antiques.  Sometimes there’s foodstuffs.  Sometimes there’s just junk. Usually I find something that strikes my fancy, though sometimes I don’t buy anything and instead like to look for the most peculiar things I can find (see below photo, compliments of this weekend.) I’m not sure why I feel so compelled towards other people old stuff, but I am.  I guess I feel that we are so material, that to just give up these items to the garbage bin is selfish.  I like to hold onto little pieces of the past, and I like to think they enjoy being saved.  I like the strange, the forgotten, the unused.  I guess I just want to give everything a new life.

Clinton and Trump flower pot people.

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