The House is on Fire

I’ve got a gripe, so if you’re the type of guy that’s sensitive to having your privilege thrown in your face, you might want to move along.  Or better, stay and learn something.

I have a friend who posts memes literally designed to piss people off.  That’s his thing and I don’t complain.  We have differing world views, we are both well aware of the others political stance, and we choose to live in harmony despite our differences.  He is probably one of the only people I can say this about.  Literally everyone else gets me up in arms.  Oddly, the other day, one of his memes set me off. It was about Greta Thurnburg.  I wasn’t mad, per say.  As stated, he posts off color things for the reactions, and I get that.  It was the men who reacted that got me heated, and started the ball rolling.

I was reading some articles, and I often enjoy going into the comments to see what the masses have to say.  For the most part everyone loves Greta.  Rephrase.  For the most part women love Greta.  Men seem to have a fucking problem, and I’d like to address that today.

I’ve boiled it down to the following: ageism, sexism, and climate denial. 

Firstly, you don’t like that she’s a 16-year-old girl.  Never mind that Joan of Arc led an army at that age, or Malala got a peace prize, or Anne kept a diary.  Sixteen is not stupid, and if you think it is, then you were making the wrong choices when you were that age.  I knew what to do and what not to do, the difference between right and wrong, and how to be a better person each day.  If you weren’t doing that, it’s your fault, not a successful little girl on the other side of the world.

Second, never mind 16, you just don’t like that she’s a girl.  Because all you bitches with your “BUT HER EMAILS” give no credit to the rape or treason allegations when it came to 45.  You might think they’re unrelated, but they are.  These are the same men who don’t want a woman to be in power, so they can’t stand a woman speaking truth.  Which leads me to….

Climate change denial.  I don’t use this language lightly, but if you’re mocking her because you think she’s full of it, you’re a pussy.  You’re a scared little bitch.  It is happening.  There’s science.  There’s proof.  Get on board or gtfo.  Denial is a perfectly natural response to a terrible situation, and you need to recognize that you are in that stage of grief right now and actively work to get out of it.  The whole breath of human information is at your fingertips and you really want to be out here talking like the earth is flat?

I should note, this isn’t directed towards my friend.  As said, we have an understanding, politically, and he himself believes a sixteen-year-old is capable of rational thought, and has been waiting on the apocalypse for some time, so it’s not to him that I speak.  It’s to the others, the commenters, the ones who haven’t opened their eyes yet to realize that it doesn’t matter who is telling you’re the house is on fire if the house is really on fire.  And the house is on fire.  

End gripe.  Have a good Thursday.

4 thoughts on “The House is on Fire

  1. Direct and to the point. I love it! I’m so tired of reading snarky comments from people who won’t listen to her message because they can’t get past who the messenger is. Whatever happened to “and a little child shall lead them.”???


    1. When I was in high school I did a science project on the ozone layer and discovered that the planet was dying. I was 16.
      If I had known prior to that, I would have been an up in arms teenager, too.
      The fact that she can scream in the faces of old idiot men that need to go home and feed thier cats makes me hopeful.


  2. I would add one other thing…ableism.

    She has Asperger’s. And some have given her a hard time because of that. So yes, you’re right that there are problems with ageism, sexism, and climate change denial when taking about negative reactions against Greta. There’s also ableism going on.


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