YouTube and You

I didn’t update yesterday because I chose self-care over deadlines, which was wise in the end because I didn’t go to the hospital.  It wasn’t even really my stomach; I just felt crappy.  I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Of course, this made me worry about early signs of Covid so I was on edge all day, but then I took some Tylenol and a Claritin and slept for ten hours and now I feel great.  So here’s what I meant to write about yesterday:

Once, the kiddos were discussing some guy I never heard of before.  The girls thought he was great while the boys thought he was trash.  I asked if it was a singer or actor, and they replied “Oh, he’s a YouTuber.”  I then asked what the hell a YouTuber was.  “Y’know, someone on YouTube.  With like, a show or a vlog or something.”  I felt much like my grandmother trying to program a VCR in 1988.  This was meaningless, incomputable nonsense talk as far as I was concerned.  The only place YouTube had in my life was the occasional music video.

Fast forward a year or so.

I absolutely use YouTube every night.  I absolutely have a favorite Youtuber.  In fact, I have two.  I truly never thought that would be a thing in my life, but somehow, someway, it became part of the everyday. 

My very favorite YouTuber is “Fish Guy”-Leif Steffny, who I mentioned in a previous post.  He does fishing videos of all kinds, and they are very beginner-friendly.  Mark and I use him as a source of inspiration for our fishing journeys.  We are deeply jealous of the waters available to him…he is based in Seattle and his videos explore fishing in different parts of the Northwest, which is filled with lakes and rivers.  Plus, they got an ocean right there.  Me, I live in a decent fishing spot.  We have a place five minutes from the house that you can usually find us at on a Saturday morning.  Lake Erie and the Niagara river are easily accessible, not to mention all the creeks that run off of them.  So, I can’t really complain, but I love watching the awesome adventures he takes to places I have only dreamt of.  Also, he’s given us good cooking tips…he does a lot of catch and cooks, which are our favorite videos.  And I just love how excited he gets when he catches a fish!  I share that enthusiasm, so it’s cool to see someone else express it.

Then then, there is “Cowboy Guy,” Kent Rollins, host of his own little cooking show, pretty much all of which seems to be done outdoors.  We found him whilst researching cast iron skillet preparations about a month ago, and we have been watching his videos ever since.  Sometimes he goes to a fast food joint and picks up a Big Mac or a Crunchwrap, then goes home and recreates it.  His always looks tastier.  I only just started watching his videos, but he is pretty good and I enjoy his show.

Now, I told you this for a purpose.  There is a young person in your life, and someday they may ask you who your favorite YouTuber is, as I have been asked on numerous occasions by numerous children.  It was not until recently that I could answer this question.  My point being, that YouTube is not just for the kiddos anymore.  There are shows on there that any adult could enjoy, and I particularly encourage you to use it for your hobbies.  Obviously, mine and Hubs shared hobbies are fishing and cooking.  But I promise, your hobby is on there, too.  And if you want to learn something new, what better way than YouTube University?  It has taught me so much.  Seriously-answers to everything.

So, like my Gran trying to program our VCR back in the day, I struggled, but I learned, and now I can adjust the tracking, no problem.  (That’s a joke no one younger than me will get.)

PS-Slight chance this might be it for the week, so if I don’t update Thursday, don’t assume I am dead.

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