No One Asked You.

So, one day, I watched a Bill Burr special on Netflix and got particularly heated at his lack of understanding regarding the word “feminism.”  Bill has slowly been dropping down and out on my fave comedian list.  I really like his show, F is for Family, and I’m not someone who “cancels” people unless they’ve done truly heinous things, so I will likely continue to watch that, but not his specials.  They’re just not for me.  Also, I find he has a way of making fun of everyone (which is good…a comic should,) but not himself.  Which I also believe a comic should do.  You’re just as ridiculous as the rest of us, buddy.

Anyway, I bring this up because we were talking about him last night, so I was already on a female-empowerment rant, and then this morning I saw a tweet from a random on Twitter asking about “mansplaining.”  Well, not so much asking, but saying that he didn’t understand why it was so wrong for a man to have an opinion and express it to a woman.  When other tweeps, mostly women, came on to say that mansplaining is actually when a man talks down to a woman on a subject she is well-versed in, he became a crabby-patty and said he was receiving rude responses.  Oh, the irony…

No, sir.  You were being “womansplained.”  How does it feel?

Of course, the difference here is that the original poster had no knowledge of what he was talking about.

So, here’s some things.  Just some stuff you, average male Joe reading this, should be aware of. 

  1.  Stop assuming women are not as smart or accomplished as you.  That is privilege wrapped in misogyny, wrapped in dumbass.
  2. Do not offer an explanation unless you are asked for one.  If I want you’re opinion, I will ask for it.  If I want your assistance, I will ask for it.  If I want you input, I will ask for it.  I am a grown-ass woman, not some little girl who needs help tying her shoe.
  3. Shut the fuck up when I’m talking.  Sorry to be so blunt, but if you expect respect you need to give respect.  When Kamala said “I’m still speaking” during the VP debate, every woman I know felt that in her SOUL.
  4. Stop only supporting the women who birthed you, married you, or were born because of you.  We are not special circumstances.  We are ALL women.

I am asking for these four very simple things.  I am asking that I be treated as a human being, the same as my male counterparts.  No, screw that!  I’m not asking for anything. 


I demand the same respect as you and will not tolerate otherwise.  So, if you think feminism is a bad word, or you believe women are fragile beings that need to be protected by men, or controlled by men in any way, you can just GTFO.

Seriously.  I do not need you in my life, if you think I am less than you in any way, particularly if it’s because of the specific set of genitals I have.

I don’t know why this mansplaining guy got stuck in my craw this morning, but he did.  Maybe it’s because of the Bill Burr convo last night.  Maybe it’s because of the uncertainty of Roe V. Wade right now.  Maybe it’s because I’m sick and tired of the invisible shackle of the patriarchy I still lug around on my ankle. 

Whatever it is, I’m not having it anymore. 


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