Didja vote yet?

I did.

New York state had early voting for the first time, so me and thousands of others took advantage of it.  Mark and I went on Thursday, and there was virtually no line.  I cast my ballot and was out the door in ten minutes.  I even got a sticker.  See how fun voting can be?

Anyway, tomorrow is my Christmas.  I am extremely worried but also extremely hopeful, so they kind of cancel each other out at the moment.

Tonight, I will make my map.  I have kept a map since I started voting, for every presidential election.  It’s simply a black and while print-out of the USA, the kind teachers would use for school projects.  I label the states and their number of electoral votes.  Then, as states are called, I color them in blue or red and do the electoral math, the only math I enjoy.

I will watch results at my mother’s house for a while, even though I sincerely doubt we will have a winner come Wednesday morning, but we shall see.

I’m keeping this blog post short for two reasons:  1. I was super sick yesterday and am still recovering, and 2. I have 4k words to pen today because I missed the start of NaNo.  I also have a bunch of submissions for the Halloween issue that I need to read.  AND I have to go to the flippin’ DMV today.

Anyway, go vote, preferably the Democratic ticket, as the Republicans are trying to set the world on fire for some reason.  Just…vote you conscience, ok?  That’s all I can ask.  Just go vote.

See you on the other side.

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