A Christmas Gift

I never wrote a poem about Christmas,
but if I did, I’d make it rhyme,
my holly jolly tidings
sharing my joyful state of mind.
And I would mention traditions,
like elves and trees and snow,
singing carols and sipping cocoa,
watching the Grinch’s heart begin to grow.
But seasonal depression
starts earlier each year,
and tends to out a dampen
on the brightest of my cheer.
I don’t do happy poems,
that’s just not my style-
mother wishes I’d give it a shot
but I can only smile.
I’d rather write of misery
than Santa’s rosy cheeks,
give me Halloween-time poems,
I’ll write those for weeks.
Still I sit to write this,
my special gift to you,
so you will know I mean it
when I say I see what you do.
I see you read my blog
and I see you hit subscribe,
I know you bought the book
or maybe you’re just digging my whole vibe,
but anyway you cut it
the truth can sure be seen-
you’ve been my supporter
and you helped me follow a dream.
So happy holiday to you my friend,
I hope it finds you well,
and if you’re feeling down today,
just tell your depression to go to hell.

Merry Christmas!!

A Writer’s Hiccup

I got nothing.

I got nothing for my WIP, and nothing for this blog.

I had nothing on Monday, when I didn’t update, and I have nothing now on Thursday, as I write these words.  Nada.

It’s not writer’s block, I tell myself.  More of a writer’s hiccup.

So, I am alive and well, simply taking a little break, and hopefully I will be back on Monday with something interesting to write about. 

Parking Lots

Today, I sit in a parking lot. Today, I hope that the scrambled eggs I just ate stay down. Today, I use talk to text and type with my thumbs.

My finger doesn’t hurt so bad. Which is a nice change of pace. However, I am sitting in thie parking lot of Sister’s Hospital because I am waiting to get a test done for my stomach. I have had this test before. What you do is you eat scrambled eggs that are radioactive. And then, they take pictures of my stomach every hour on the hour for 4 hours. This shows them how the scrambled eggs travel through my system.

Again, I have done this twice, and I don’t really see why have to do it a 3rd time, but insurance, man…insurance. Just jumping the hoops.

So I’m sitting in my car, because I don’t wanna wear a mask for the next 4 hours, and because the chairs they have in there are particularly uncomfortable. But mostly just because I’m trying to get this test done so I can get a surgery done so I can stop being sick.

This update of course, means very little because I don’t have a lot to say right now and I can’t type at all. Oh well, maybe Thursday.

Broken Finger

Hello. This is me, talking into my phone. Already there are 2 mistakes I will have to edit. This is why talk to text does not work for a writer.

I have broken my right pinky fingertip. I have a splint on for the next 3 weeks, so this makes writing, specifically typing, nearly impossible. This is of course absolutely devastating to me.

Yesterday, when I was at the doctor, he asked me if I needed a note for work. I laughed. I wish it were that simple.

So I do not know when I will blog again. I do not know when my pinky will be healed enough to hit the enter key. I do know that the book is on hold, which both disappoints me, but also gives me more time to prep. I also know that I will hit the ground running as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I am working on promoting my chapbook. So if you enjoy poetry about healthcare in America, please visit brigidhannon.com.

OK. Now I have to go back and edit this mess that talk to text thinks I said. Happy Thursday.

NaNoWriMo20, Week 1.

Hows it going?! Pitiful!!

I have been sick all week, so I managed about 3k or so on Monday, and that’s it.

I am very close to giving up. I just don’t see myself winning if this keeps up. I was supposed to have a test today, the first step on my road to recovery for my gastroparesis, but had to cancel because, well…gastroparesis. I have nine kinds of writing work to do, but am drowning in stomach problems.

Hopefully, I will be able to pick myself up and start over in all aspects tomorrow. For today, I’m just going to lie on the sofa and watch TV, ok?