Camping, Take 2

Last year, we took a family camping trip.  Me, Hubs, the kiddos, and my parents.  My mother fell down a slope and broke her ankle.  This resulted in her and Dad heading to the hospital, while Mark and I patrolled four kids who were detoxing from electronics.  It was…rough.  So initially when I got the idea to go camping again, I was a little wary.  This time it would be just me and Mark…what if something goes wrong?

I pushed this thought out of my head with other thoughts, like “you have done nothing this horrible boring summer” and “the nearest hospital is only 19 minutes away-you can drive that while sick.” 

And so, I planned a camping trip for the two of us for our anniversary.  We are very excited.  We have never gone anywhere together.  10 years.  Nowhere.

We have been across state to visit his family a few times, but all our time was spent with them.  We had no honeymoon, no vacations, no weekend getaways.  This will be our very first, and here’s hoping it’s not one of those things we probably should have done before we got married.

I have two worries.  One is that I will get sick.  The other is that I will fight with Mark.

Now, sick or injured, I have an emergency plan, and a backup emergency plan, and I am confident in my current health.  No flareups for six days now, and that’s a very good sign. 

But, Hubs…

I love my husband, but he has a frustration issue.  Even small frustrations have triggered anger and rage.  He works on it, so now it’s mostly just big things that set him off (well, and video games…though we could debate whether that’s a “big thing.”)  The problem is, I have a rage issue myself, so when he gets frustrated by, say, A VIDEO GAME, and yells and throws a controller, my initial reaction is to throw something as well because I am angry that he is throwing things.  Yes, I see the insanity in that, but it is what it is.

I am afraid we will, say, set up an air mattress, and one or both of us will get frustrated, then enrage the other somehow, resulting in me throwing his belongings into a creek.  Or vice versa.

We rarely fight, but this is the one thing that makes us blow: both being frustrated at once.  It is rarely the other person, it is almost always the situation, but then we of course turn on each other like wild wolves.

But I have high hopes, because mostly this does not happen at the same time.  I can talk him off a ledge.  He can talk me off one, too.  But if we’re both pissed, just stand back.  And hope we’re not pissed at you.

So I’m going to be well and I’m going to have no relationship worries because I’m going to have a perfect trip because we deserve it, damnit.  10 years with this guy!  A miracle, I tell you.  I will be sure to tell you about it when I get back.

Here’s hoping no one falls down a slope. 

(That last lines for you, Ma.)

Hubs and me, doing what we plan to do all weekend…only not in the middle of the city.

Mark and Me, Condensed

  • Boy meets Girl at Spot Coffee on Elmwood because Girl is being loud and Boy is an eavesdropper. They have dinner the following night.
  • Boy and Girl date for two months, until Boy cheats on Girl because Boy is twenty and stupid.
  • Boy goes and has four kids. Girl marries job. 7 years pass.
  • Boy IMs Girl, asks to hang. She does.  This becomes regular.
  • Boy takes Girl out to dinner and to Curtain Up and asks her to be his girlfriend. Girl thinks this is cute, says ok.
  • Boy loses job and apartment and moves to Nowhereville USA. Girl visits once, uses trip as opportunity to decide if Boy is actually worth it.
  • Girl buys Boy a train ticket home. Boy lives in motel and works shit jobs.
  • Boy loses room at motel, is homeless, is saved by Girls aunts. Boy and Girl decide they are inseparable.  Boy gets decent job.
  • Boy gets apartment and Girl moves in. Boy and Girl move out a year later because their landlady is bananas.
  • Boy and Girl move to Lovejoy. Two years pass.  Boy asks girl to marry him.
  • Boy and Girl move to South Buffalo, but are evicted by asshole landlord. Three months before wedding Boy and Girl are living in motel, Boy in dead end job, and with a car that has been totaled in a recent accident.  Some sort of miracle occurs and…
  • Girl gets apartment from very nice landlord. Girl gets good return on car and buys new one.  Boy gets new job.
  • Boy and Girl get married. Nothing changes, but everything is different.
  • Two years pass. Girl writes this blog post on anniversary, grateful that she and Boy have made it through so many ups and downs and come out together and on top of it all.  Girl is glad she was being loud at Spot Coffee fifteen years ago.

Happy Anni, Hubs.