Constant Reader

WordPress recently informed me that my blog is getting a new follower practically every day, which is interesting.  I mean, this isn’t Twitter, where a few characters grab your attention and you hit that follow button.  You have to actually read my article to want to follow me, and most if not all of these followers are fellow bloggers.  I am starting to push the 350 mark, and these folks are from all over the globe, which I just think is so cool.  Like, I’ve had a reader in Malta for several years and I don’t know if it’s one person or a couple, but either way…Hello!!  I think about you all the time!

I do.  I think about my readers a lot.  And so…

Dear Constant Reader (as Steve would say,)

Hello again, friend.  I see you.  I see you each Monday and Thursday when my page views skyrocket and I get the little list of countries across the world that are reading my words.  I see you each week when I get my rundown report from WordPress, and it tells me how you found me or where you went, and if you liked what you saw.  I see you.  (But not like…in a creepy way.)

I have kept this blog for a few years now, maybe four I think, and I have been growing it in my head for so long, that it is beautiful to me that you would stop and give a portion of your day to my thoughts.  How selfless that is in its way, and how much it means to me. 

I can write books, and I can publish poems, and I can Facebook and tweet and TikTok, but I don’t get the love from there that I get from here.  I don’t have randoms stumbling across a post they connect with and then suddenly following me and devouring half my work in one sitting.  That only happens with my blogs, this one especially.  I have been keeping blogs for over 20 years now, and I have never seen the successes I have with this one.  That is because of you.

I write for you, in here.  Not for myself even, or any kind of notoriety at all, but because there is someone out there who likes what I have to say, or at the very least, wants to hear it; wants to listen.  I write conversationally here, because I feel I am conversing with you, doing this with you, not alone.  And I thank you for that.

Lately my posts are a little short, because I am going so hard on my novel right now, which is just swimming right along, but my blog is still the most important thing I write.  It is my soapbox that I pull out and stand on, it is my diary where I divulge my secrets, it is my old friend who knows me better than I know myself.  And you, constant reader…it would be nothing were it not for you.  So…thanks.

Always, Brigid


Thanksgiving is coming.  I would, of course, rather be posting this on actual Thanksgiving, but Thursday is reserved for NaNo updates, and this week is important.  So, I will write about the holiday today. 

I don’t like Thanksgiving on principle, as it is a time where we “celebrate” a pretty little story that ultimately ends in genocide.  It’s a little messed up, when you think about it.  Now, most people ignore this gross little fact and focus on the turkey-eating and thankfulness bits, so I will as well.

What am I thankful this year?  Of course, my family-Hubs and the kiddos, my parent’s good health, a sister who amazes me every day.  I am thankful for the roof over my head and the clothes on my back and the food in my belly.

I am thankful also for my recent health which (knock on wood) has been good.  It has allowed me to pursue something that I have put off for a long time, and that is writing my book.

About a year and half ago, I started sending out pieces for publication.  I got a few nibbles.  Then I decided it was time for my larger work, so I assembled a chapbook.  But that wasn’t big enough.  So, I started writing a novel.  I am so thankful that everyday since Nov 1st I have gotten up and worked on that novel, and now I have a nearly complete book that I didn’t have on Halloween.  I am grateful that I have been able to push myself to achieve what I once thought impossible, and am ending the decade on a high note, writer-style.

That’s probably my biggest thing I am thankful for, but there’s little things, too.  Like the fact that today the kiddos put the Christmas tree up all by themselves.  Or that as I type on this Sunday afternoon my husband is jubilant as the Bills get an interception.  Or this steaming mug of coffee that’s giving me the will to live.  It’s the little things that matter the most, and for that I am thankful.

So, I wish you a blessed holiday, and I hope that you get to spend time with family and friends this week.  I shall be spending turkey day with both, so I’m pretty pumped for that.    

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!